About Us

Printing is a profession for some people and printing is a passion for a few.

Armed with 10 years experience in digital printing, we wanted to explore the possibility of printing on other surfaces in photographic detail and digital quality. Sharp Large & 3d is the outcome of this desire.
Moreover, why should anyone be restricted with only the images in market, not able to translate your thoughts into print ? A skilled painter can translate his thoughts into his canvas but what about others ? Now anyone can print anything on any surface We are here to translate their thoughts into pictures. Being the pioneers of 3d printing in Kerala, we have developed this area with the ability to print 3d images on glass.

We are located in Kottiyam, on the NH 47, just 10 kms from Kollam (on the way to Trivandrum). We have a gallery as well as a production unit in the same premise. We have a huge image collection of the highest quality and customers are free to choose any type of image they like or they can bring their own images. Our top class designers will adhere to your designing requirements and the final image can then be printed on the medium of your choice.